Buildings go dark to save migrating birds

Atlanta Audubon Society is working with local businesses on a "Lights Out" campaign aimed at saving migrating birds.

The nonprofit's conservation director, Adam Betuel, says up to 1 billion birds die each year when they fly into buildings. Excessive nocturnal light is one of the main causes of those deaths.

In the last two years, Betuel and a few dozen volunteers have documented 80 species of birds that died after flying into local buildings.

"We know this is happening, we know nocturnal light plays a role, and we know that by turning [lights] off, it can result in serious declines in the numbers that are running into a building," Betuel said.

Businesses and homeowners are encouraged to join the effort, which now includes roughly 100 residences and 15 commercial buildings.

The fall migration Lights Out Atlanta campaign runs through Nov.15.

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