85-year-old acrobat bends expectations

By: WSB Community

ATLANTA – Former college professor Steve Seaberg is spending his retirement performing in the circus as an acrobat.

The 85 year old’s lifelong passion began in 1938. As a high school and college gymnast, he specialized in vault, parallel bars and flying rings. Seaberg earned his master’s in art and art history at Northwestern University and then went on to teach at his alma mater, Rutgers, and later Clark-Atlanta University.

His most recent involvement has been with the Atlanta-based Imperial OPA Circus. He says acrobatics keep him alive both mentally and physically.

“People are suspicious of me ‘cause I’m so old,” Seaberg said. “When they get to know me, they realize I’m just another person.”

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While Steve continues to push his body, he has also found new contributions that fit his changing needs.

“I now do other things I think I’m good at, like coaching,” Steve said.

Jacosa Kato is an aerial instructor at Circus Arts Institute and has known Steve since she was young.

“The fact of Steve’s age is kind of a side note to me,” Kato said. “His force of personality, his kindness and enthusiasm stand out.”

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Off the mats, Seaberg is an artist, pianist, saxophonist and author, and he does not plan to slow down anytime soon.

“I’m as interested in life as I’ve ever been,” Seaberg said.

Steve will be performing with the


July 31 at 3 p.m. at Freedom Park in Atlanta.

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