University of Georgia

Stetson Bennett’s twin brothers are proud of player, person he has become

INDIANAPOLIS — Stetson Bennett understands the pressure he is under to bring Georgia its national first championship since 1980 season.

Yet heading into Monday night’s championship against Alabama, he said he is relaxed about the big game.

Bennett credits a lot of his success to his family who has been there through the ups and downs of his career.

Bennett is the oldest of five siblings. Channel 2′s Alison Mastrangelo caught up with his twin brothers about why he is the heart and soul of the Bulldogs.

“He’s a great leader always helping someone, giving out compliments and makes others shine before himself,” Knox Bennett said.

Knox and Luke are twins. Knox is the older Bennett by one minute. As you can imagine, they also play football. Knox is a tight end and Luke is a receiver.

“Growing up, we were always playing football in the backyard and Stet was the all-time QB. To see what he did then through high school level, jucos and now is pretty cool,” Luke said.

During the regular season, the Bennett twins would play in a Pierce County High School game on Friday. Then, no matter where the UGA was on Saturday, they would be there.

“Me and Luke will go down to the tunnel and give him a little fist bump and let him know, ‘You’re the man. There’s a reason you are here. Good luck,’” Knox said.

Just like any other younger siblings, they were also happy to dish out some of Stetson’s stats that have nothing to do with football.

“He’s the slowest eater in America. We will sit down to eat, and you know, already eaten two meals, and he is still on the appetizer. He takes his time. He’s going to enjoy his food,” Luke told Mastrangelo.

With all jokes aside, Luke and Knox are extremely proud of the player and person that Stetson has become. They can’t wait to watch him try to bring a national championship back to Georgia for the first time since 1980.

“But win or lose, we are proud of what he’s done and where he’s at now,” Luke said.