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Local Steals and Deals with Rume bags, Lotus Trolley Bag and GoWise

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Local Steals and Deals is your home for exclusive offers and amazing deals on brands featured for a limited time. Only while supplies last. Lisa Robertson is back with these amazing brands featured below at unbeatable prices.

Here is how you get these exclusives and great savings:
1. Use the links provided below.
2. All the offers below are only available whiles supplies last.


Rume bags: Reusable bags

Deal: $9 - $26.25

Retail: $12.96 - $37.50

(While supplies last)

30% OFF

At RuMe, we want to make life a little easier, and a lot brighter. We believe happiness starts at home, which is why we empower our employees to bring ideas that make our company, our customers’ lives, and the world, a brighter place. We provide functional products designed to make life a little easier, eco-friendly solutions to help you care about what you carry, and bright, fun patterns to bring color and cheer to your day.

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Lotus Trolley Bag

Lotus Trolley Bag: Grocery Organization

Deal: $14.99 - $29.99

Retail: $24.99 - $49.99

(While supplies last)

40% OFF

Make shopping FUN and PLASTIC FREE. These are the only reusable bags you will ever need. Lotus Trolley Bags are washable, durable and made to last hundreds of times. Makes shopping faster, easier and organized. Makes a great gift for anyone in your family.

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GoWise: Air-Fryer Dehydrator

Deal: $125.99 - $137.97

Retail: $179.99 - $229.95

(While supplies last)

40% OFF

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