Wendy’s to debut new breakfast item with Cinnabon

Starting Feb. 26 during breakfast hours, Wendy’s is cooking up a new item with Cinnabon.

Wendy’s is cooking up a new item with Cinnabon for breakfast starting Feb. 26.

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The new item is a cinnamon roll-like baked good called “Cinnabon Pull-Aparts,” Wendy’s announced Wednesday. The Danish dough is filled with cinnamon, brown butter and sugar. On top, you will find Cinnabon’s famous cream cheese frosting, according to People Magazine. It is served in a paper portable cup to help create less of a mess, USA Today reported.

It is Wendy’s spin on the classic cinnamon roll, according to Good Morning America.

“We’re tapping into what our consumers want, based on our research. They crave comfort and nostalgic experiences, and from a food perspective, a sweet and indulgent item is perfect for bringing someone into that comfort zone,” Global Vice President of Culinary Innovation John Li said of the new pull-aparts, according to Good Morning America. “This product does that because we’ve partnered with the right brand who believes in quality and delivering that same emotional benefit.”

Next month is Wendy’s fourth anniversary of selling breakfast, CNN reported. It started making breakfast in March 2020 to compete with other chains like McDonald’s.

Former CEO Todd Penegor in a recent earnings call for Wendy’s said that breakfast was a “highly profitable daypart,” CNN reported. Penegor did admit however that Wendy’s is still working “to ingrain the breakfast daypart and the habit” with customers.

Part of the plan Wendy’s is reportedly working on continuing to expand its breakfast offerings, recently adding a breakfast burrito, English muffin sandwich, French toast sticks and a Frosty cream cold brew iced coffee, CNN reported.