Senior told to cut dreadlocks or can’t walk at commencement

MONT BELVIEU, Texas — A high school senior has been suspended and won’t be allowed to take part in his graduation ceremony unless he cuts his dreadlocks.

Deandre Arnold and his family were given the ultimatum from the Barbers Hill ISD school board whose members told Arnold that it isn’t his dreadlock hairstyle itself, but rather the length of the locks.

“Our policy limits the length. It’s been that way for 30 years,” Superintendent Greg Poole said, according to KHOU.

Poole said that there is no dress code outlining how students style their hair.

But Deandre Arnold’s mother, Sandy Arnold, said the dress code changed and the adjustments mean her son’s hair is out of compliance even if his hair is up, KPRC reported.

She has vowed that her son will not cut his hair since it is part of her family’s beliefs. His family is from Trinidad. Because Deandre Arnold will not cut his hair, he’s not allowed to return to school, KPRC reported.

The family and supporters from the United Urban Alumni Association said unless Deandre Arnold is able to walk with his classmates at graduation in three months, they will be taking the case to federal court, KHOU reported.