Naomi Judd’s family asking the court to seal death investigation report

Naomi Judd’s family have filed a petition in court to seal the police reports and recordings from her death investigation.

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According to the Associated Press, the family filed the petition requesting that records that have video or audio interviews with Naomi’s relatives during the aftermath of her death are to not be released.

The petition was filed by her husband, Larry Strickland and her daughters, Ashley and Wynonna Judd, according to the AP.

The petition, which was obtained by the AP per a representative and with the permission of Naomi’s family, stated that she died on April 30 at her home in Tennessee. Previously, her daughter Ashley said that Naomi killed her and while the family said “she was lost to “the disease of mental illness.”

The court ruling also included details about how Ashley found her mother alive after she shot herself, according to the AP. It also said that Ashley stayed with her mother for about 30 minutes until first responders arrived.

The petition asked the court to “prohibit the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office from releasing the records for several reasons, including that the disclosure would include her medical records and that the family has a right to privacy,” the AP reported.

Tennessee public records law, allows law enforcement records to be released. According to the AP, police do have the discretion to hold records if an investigation is ongoing but once it is closed, that no longer applies.

Both Strickland and Ashley provided statements outlining their concerns about the records, including being unaware that law enforcement was recording their interviews which included private information, said the AP. Ashley also said that she was going through “active trauma” when speaking with the police and believes that it could not go away.

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