‘I’ll be waiting for you right there in the front’: Dying woman leaves husband heartbreaking video on phone

SAN ANTONIO — A dying woman gave her husband one final gift.

Stephani Wagoner died recently of a lifelong illness but not before leaving a three-minute message telling him, “I will love you Bradley forever.”

I found this in my wife’s phone and although I’m very happy I have this video it is very very heart breaking and I will forever keep this video babe I love you and every thing about our story as well

Posted by Bradley Wagoner on Saturday, August 15, 2020

She made the video on July 29. She died after being hospitalized for ulcerative colitis, a condition she suffered from since was a teen, but Bradley Wagoner told WOAI she didn’t get treatment when it first started flaring because she was afraid of the coronavirus pandemic.

“If it wasn’t because of this COVID, she could’ve been back. She could’ve gone to the hospital a lot sooner and a lot of this could’ve been prevented. Her colon may not have been taken out. It’s just a whole circle of all this stuff that could have been prevented, but she was so scared of going over there to the hospital and getting COVID and bringing it back to our kids,” Bradley Wagoner told WOAI.

The coronavirus also prevented Bradley Wagoner from visiting his wife in the hospital. He was alerted about her condition by police waking him up and saying that she was very ill and to call the hospital, WOAI reported.

He said his wife died before he got to the hospital to say goodbye.

But she was able to say goodbye to him, telling her husband on the video, “I know that you are going to be such a wonderful dad.”

He found the clip on her phone after her death.

According to a GoFundMe campaign that had been set up to help pay for her medical expenses, Stephanie died Aug. 15. She leaves behind her husband and their three children.

A celebration of life will be held Saturday.