Christian Combs, son of Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, accused of sexual assault in lawsuit

Christian "King" Combs, Sean "Diddy" Combs

LOS ANGELES — Christian “King” Combs, the son of rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs, has been accused of sexual assault in a lawsuit filed Thursday in a Los Angeles court.

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It is the latest lawsuit involving Sean Combs, 54, who faces a federal probe into sex trafficking allegations. Homeland Security Investigations agents raided the hip-hop mogul’s home in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles on March 25, KTTV reported.

Thursday’s filing in Los Angeles County Superior Court accuses Christian Combs, 26, of sexual assault, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Christian Combs is accused of sexual assault, sexual harassment and infliction of emotional distress in the lawsuit, according to NBC News. Sean Combs is being sued for premises liability as the person who chartered the yacht where the woman claimed she was assaulted, and for aiding and abetting his son in the alleged assault.

According to court documents obtained by NBC News and Rolling Stone, Grace O’Marcaigh, 25, who worked as a steward on the Victorious ship, alleged that Christian Combs drugged and sexually assaulted her on Dec. 28, 2022, aboard the charter boat as it was cruising to St. Martin in the Caribbean. She alleged that Sean Combs characterized the trip “as a wholesome family excursion” but allegedly turned it into a “hedonistic environment,” Rolling Stone reported.

The alleged assault occurred days before Sean Combs hosted a star-studded New Year’s Eve yacht party, according to USA Today.

According to the lawsuit, Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, a music producer who was working with Sean Combs on the yacht and filed his own sexual assault lawsuit against the music mogul in February, was present during the exchange and caught it on an audio recording. An alleged transcript of the recording included in the complaint claims that O’Marcaigh asked Christian Combs if she was being drugged and later requested that he stop touching her legs and backside, Rolling Stone reported.

O’Marcaigh also alleged that she witnessed partying and drug use between a “constant rotation of suspected sex workers and other A-List celebrities,” according to the Times.

The woman’s attorney, Tyrone A. Blackburn, is also representing Jones in his lawsuit, the newspaper reported.

“Like father, like son,” Blackburn said in a statement to NBC News. “It gives us no joy or pleasure in filing this suit against Christian Combs, who has clearly adopted his father’s pattern and practice of depravity.”

Aaron Dyer, the attorney for Christian and Sean Combs, dismissed the charges as baseless, Variety reported.

“This is just another lewd and meritless claim from Tyrone Blackburn -- just like what he filed in the Rodney Jones lawsuit, which he still has not served,” Dyer said in a statement. “This complaint is filled with the same kind of manufactured lies and irrelevant facts we’ve come to expect from Blackburn. This is exactly why the federal judge in New York slapped him two days ago for a ‘pattern of behavior’ in ‘improperly (filing) cases in federal court to garner media attention, embarrass defendants with salacious allegations, and pressure defendants to settle quickly,’ and why he was referred to the disciplinary committee in the Southern District of New York. We will be filing a motion to dismiss this outrageous claim.”