Beachgoer finds brain wrapped in foil, foreign money, in Wisconsin

RACINE, Wis. — A beachgoer looking for beach glass in Racine, Wisconsin, made a disturbing discovery.

James Senda found a brain in a bag and wrapped in foil on Sept. 14, CNN reported.

He also said there was foreign money and a flower with it, WDJT reported.

The man said it looked real to him.

It was not decomposed and appeared larger than the man’s hand, CNN reported.

Senda told city workers what he had found.

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s office said it was a real brain, but luckily not a human’s. It belonged to an animal, but officials said they don’t know which type of animal the organ came from, WDJT reported.

CNN reported the brain may have been part of a ritual for the dead. That could explain the money and the flower. But the brain is still a puzzle.

Senda is happy he’s the one who found it.

“Imagine a grandma or mom, or a kid that was playing nearby, was the one who saw and unwrapped it. I’m 47 and I’m freaked out about it,” Senda told CNN.

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