Apple says to update iOS to patch iPhone security issues


Apple has sent another security update for your iPhone that you should consider installing now.

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The tech giant released iOS 17.1.2 on Thursday, about three weeks after its previous update, CNET reported.

The update is connected with WebKit, the browser engine that enables Safari, according to CBS News.

There are no new features, but the update does offer security updates that Apple said could block arbitrary code execution. CNET said that means a third party can take your data or break into your device. The other security issue fixed by the patch could allow your personal information to become accessible after the devices processes some web content.

Apple suggests that the iOS update be installed immediately, as the vulnerability may have dated back to before iOS 16.7.1, CBS News reported.

Another update is expected soon. Apple had been scheduled to release iOS 17.2 later this month which will have new features, as well as bug fixes, Fox Business reported.

To download the update, go to Settings on your Apple device, then select General, then choose Software Update and follow the instructions.