Youth football coach facing possible fine after blowout win

PHILADELPHIA — A Pennsylvania youth football coach is facing a possible fine when his team violated a league rule during a blowout win against their opponent, according to NBC 10 News in Philadelphia.

The league rule prevents a team from going up by more than 30 points. The league is made of kids no older than 7.

A local youth football coach faces a possible $500 fine after his team beat an opponent by more than 30 points, violating a league rule. The potential punishment is sparking debate as well as support for the coach thanks to his brother-in-law, a former Philadelphia Eagle. Deanna Durante has the story and speaks to the coach:

Posted by NBC10 Philadelphia on Monday, October 14, 2019

Kyle Williams told NBC 10 News knew he was close to breaking the rules when his team went up 30-to-0.

Williams said he called a time out with less than two minutes left and put his second string in.

When a 5-year-old got the ball and ran toward the end zone, Williams ran alongside of him and kept asking him to fall down. The boy ended up scoring and put the score up to 36-0.

Williams is facing suspension and a $500 fine.

The story went viral after Williams' brother-in-law, former Eagle Torrey Smith, tweeted about the issue, saying that "We are building weak children."

The rules are in place to prevent injury and embarrassment for the losing team, other coaches told NBC 10.

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