Man finds $7.5M in storage unit he bought for only $500

Storage units.

A man who purchased a storage unit at a Southern California auction got way more than he bargained for, according to a story told to Dan Dotson, star of "Storage Wars."

Dotson posted a video on his Facebook page this month to share the story he was told. Dotson said a woman came up to him at an event and told him a man her husband worked for bought a storage unit from Dotson for $500 in October. There was a safe in the storage unit, and after two attempts, the safe was opened. It contained $7.5 million in cash.


The new owner was contacted by the lawyer for the former owners of the storage unit, Dotson said. After initially being offered $600,000 for the return of the safe’s contents, the new owner agreed to a $1.2 million reward, Dotson said.

This unit sells for 500 bucks, buyer finds 7.5 million cash, attorney reaches out on behalf of the previous owner & nicely offers 1.2 million dollars back in return for all money back. What would you do? New #StorageWars #aetv Nov 7th 10/9c #Dontforgettopaythelady Nationwide #SelfStorage #Auctions

Posted by Dan And Laura Dotson on Monday, November 5, 2018

Due to safety and privacy concerns, no further details about the owner were revealed, The Desert Sun reported.