Intruder cleans Massachusetts house, leaves origami roses made of toilet paper

An intruder left an origami rose made of toilet paper after leaving a Massachusetts home.

MALRBOROUGH, Mass. — Nate Roman is trying to find out who broke into his Massachusetts home and cleaned it, and even left toilet paper in the shape of roses as a parting gift.

“I walk in and immediately I can tell something is a little wrong," said Roman, of Marlborough, who noticed something off when he got home from work recently.

Someone had been through his entire house — top to bottom, vacuuming rugs, cleaning bathrooms, even straightening up his son's plush toy collection.

“Just completely organized stuffed animals all lined up all of his toys neatly stacked. I’m just shocked to see that," he said.

He is now searching for answers. Roman says he believes he forgot to lock his back door but also failed to activate his security alarm.

But his alarm system still tracked how many times the door opened and closed, giving a timetable of how long the intruder had been in and out.

“I could tell from the sensors that the doors had been opened and closed over a period of about an hour and a half," said Roman.

Even more puzzling: Origami roses were crafted by the intruder, and left on the toilet paper rolls.

“As toilet paper flowers go, I think it’s pretty nice," Roman said.

After calming down and considering the possibilities, Roman now believes he has a somewhat logical explanation.

"I think it was probably the work of a professional that just showed up at the wrong house on the one day of the year I don’t lock my door!" he said.

Roman said there was one room in the house that wasn’t cleaned, the kitchen.

Officers searched through the house and spoke with neighbors. Police said they still don’t have an explanation.

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