Georgia mother leaves restaurant in tears after waitress leaves kind note about son with autism

(Credit: Jamie Mathews Heustess Facebook page) 

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. — A Georgia mother was in tears walking out of her family's local Cracker Barrel. But they were tears of happiness, not sadness.

Eating out with children can be trying at the best of times, especially when the child has autism, mother Jamie Heustess explained.

For Heustess and her little boy, it just depends on the day, and most of the time, Ian does pretty well at restaurants.

This one occasion at Cracker Barrel in Pooler happened to be a "miss," so her husband took Ian home to reduce stimuli around him.

Heustess explains that the waitress came by moments later, after probably the fifth or sixth time stopping by the table, to get her order.


“I said yes, a to-go order just for me,” Heustess said.

She told the waitress that her son was autistic and had a long day, which is why her family went home.

The waitress told Heustess that this was not a problem and that she would get her order in quickly.

“I sat quietly and made a post to my page about the realities of autism that you never quite know until you experience them,” Heustess said.

And before she knew it, her order was ready, just 15 minutes later.

To Heustess’ surprise, though, the waitress smiled and said no payment was necessary. It was already taken care of.

A piece of paper was also stapled to the bag which read,: “Your child is amazing mommy. Be strong, keep your head up. You are doing a great job. Have a great night. Your server, Kailyn.”

Heustess said her note from Kailyn is now hanging on the refrigerator, for those moments she needs to be reminded of the kindness of strangers.

I had a good cry walking out of our local Cracker Barrel in Pooler, Ga this evening...I had posted earlier about the...

Posted by Jamie Mathews Heustess on Friday, April 21, 2017