3D-printed gun creator Cody Wilson resigns after arrest on underage sex charges

AUSTIN, Texas — Update 1:40 p.m. EDT Sept. 25: Cody Wilson has resigned from his own company, Defense Distributed, to tend to "personal matters."

Paloma Heindorff, director of development for Defense Distributed, announced the news in a conference Tuesday, The Associated Press reported. Wilson resigned Friday.

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Heindorff said she would be taking over Wilson's duties. She would not comment on the charges against Wilson.

"I'm a different person," she said. "I'm not trying to replace him as a character."

On Friday, Wilson was arrested on charges of having sex with an underage girl in Taiwan. He was booked into a jail in Texas Sunday once he returned to the U.S.

Update 10:44 a.m. EDT Sept.  23: Cody Wilson, the creator of the 3D-printed gun, was booked into a Texas jail Sunday morning after returning to the United States, KHOU reported.

Wilson was arrested at a Taiwan hotel Friday after being accused of sexual assault in Texas. He was booked into the Harris County Jail early Sunday, the television station reported. Wilson has an active warrant for his arrest in Travis County, for felony sexual assault.

His bond is currently set for $150,000, KHOU reported.

Original report: The creator of the 3D-printed gun was arrested Friday in Taiwan after being accused of sexual assault in Texas, CNN reported Saturday.

A warrant to arrest Cody Wilson, 30, was issued earlier this week after allegations that he had sex with a 16-year-old girl he met on an adult dating site, according to police. Austin Police Cmdr. Troy Officer said Wilson met the girl Aug. 15 at a coffee shop after communicating with her on, took her to a hotel and paid her $500 for sex, CNN reported.

The age of consent in Texas is 17.

According to CNA, Taiwan's state news agency, Wilson was arrested at a hotel in Taipei on Friday. Wilson's passport has been revoked, and Taiwanese authorities plan to deport him to the United States to face the charge, according to Huffington Post.

Wilson founded Defense Distributed, a company that created blueprints of a 3D-printed handgun made of plastic, CNN reported. He first posted the blueprints online in 2013 but was ordered by the Obama administration to take them down. Wilson claimed First Amendment rights in a lawsuit he filed in 2015. The Trump administration settled the case in June, CNN reported.

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