Georgia attorney admits to being among first through doors when mob stormed Capitol

AMERICUS — A Georgia attorney was among hundreds of Trump supporters who stormed the nation’s Capitol Wednesday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution learned in a exclusive interview.

The AJC spoke to McCall Calhoun, who has practiced law in Americus for 30 years. The self-described “anti-communist counter-revolutionary” admitted that he was among the first through the doors.

“The Deep State cannot stop us,” McCall wrote on Parler, a social media network popular with Trump supporters, “They learned that today when we stormed the Capitol and took it. The word is we’re all coming back armed for war.”

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Calhoun described the mob as being patriotic and heroic, the AJC reported.

“This was civil disobedience. Anyone who claims it was anything other than civil disobedience was not there, and they did not see it and they do not know,” he told the AJC.

The riots left five people dead, including a woman who also breached the Capitol and a Capitol police officer. A Kennesaw woman was also killed when she was reportedly crushed to death in the crowds.

Calhoun said the everyone in the crowd felt as if the election had been stolen from them.

“It probably wasn’t the best idea, but it was what this group of people did; they did it for the love of America,” Calhoun said.

Calhoun posted incendiary beliefs on social media for months before the attack, which some have described as an attempted coup or an insurrection, according to the AJC.

“As part of the anti-communist counter revolution we’ve got to get serious about stopping them by force of arms,” Calhoun wrote on Parler in October.

At one point, he retweeted something that mentioned hanging President-elect Joe Biden.

When the AJC asked about the post, Calhoun shrugged his shoulders.

“Trump voters say that all the time,” he said. “We’re just ornery.”

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