Who is Jenna Ellis? Lawyer for former President Donald Trump indicted in election interference case

ATLANTA — A Georgia grand jury voted to indict former President Donald Trump and 18 of his allies, including one of his attorneys Jenna Ellis.

Ellis didn’t deliver any testimony at a state Senate subcommittee hearing just weeks after the November 2020 election, but she was there alongside Rudy Giuliani, Jacki Pick and, virtually, John Eastman.

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They were all a part of then-President Donald Trump’s legal team trying to convince legislatures in seven key battleground states, including Georgia, that there had been so much voter fraud they had the constitutional authority to overturn the election and select their own slate of Republican electors.

It was at that hearing that trump’s Georgia attorney Ray Smith testified that more than 130,000 people voted illegally here -- something multiple state and federal investigations proved just wasn’t true.

“2,506 felons voted illegally in Georgia,” Smith said. “10,315 or more individuals voted who were deceased by the time of the election. 15,700 to vote in Georgia who filed a national change of address form with the Postal Service prior to Nov. 3, 2020.”


The Jan. 6 Commission said Ellis was one of the architects of the scheme to convince then-Vice President Mike Pence to toss out the legally certified Democratic electors from those battleground states on Jan. 6 and instead count the Republican false electors, thereby throwing the election to Trump.

Legal experts agreed that Pence did not have the constitutional authority to that, and he refused.

In the summer of 2022, after originally fighting the subpoena, Ellis reported and testified before the Fulton County special purpose grand jury.

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