Who is Cathy Latham? Former Coffee County GOP chair indicted in election interference case

ATLANTA — A Georgia grand jury voted to indict former President Donald Trump and 18 of his allies, including a former GOP chairwoman in south Georgia.

Most people had never heard of Cathy Latham before 2020.

She had to explain to a roomful of state senators investigating potential voter fraud who she was.

“I am the under 80,000 Caucus Chair for the Georgia GOP. I’m over 129 rural counties of Georgia. I’m also the chair for the Republican Party for Coffee County,” Latham testified.

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While flying under the radar for most people, Latham was a player within the Georgia Republican Party, particularly in South Georgia.

She was one of the so-called false electors who met to cast their votes for then-President Donald Trump, something the Jan. 6 Committee insisted was part of a larger failed conspiracy to replace the lawful Democratic electors in several key states, including Georgia, and replace them with Trump electors.

She stood up and signed her name to the document declaring her vote for Trump even as the legal Democratic electors were one floor up casting their ballots for Joe Biden.


Back in the hearing, Latham told senators stories of massive problems with the Dominion voting machines before and on Election Day.

She insisted when the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office followed up with an investigation, they did it only to intimidate her and others.

“Three people from the Secretary of State’s Office showed up with guns and badges and handcuffs and two Dominion tech reps. They came with the intend of intimidation,” Latham said.

The Secretary of State’s Office called the claims nonsense.

But then, just a day after the Jan. 6 insurrection on the U.S. Capitol, security video showed Latham outside the Coffee County Elections Office opening the door to a secure area and leading in a team of investigators linked to election denier Sidney Powell.

There, those techs allegedly illegally downloaded data from the Dominion voting machines as Latham and others looked on.

After being declared a possible target for criminal investigation, Latham later joined Trump in a motion to toss out the special purpose grand jury’s investigation and bar Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis from prosecuting the case.

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