What should you be aware of if you’re planning to ship or receive gifts this holiday season?

METRO ATLANTA — Now that the only thing left from Thanksgiving are the leftovers, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. Especially if you are planning on buying gifts and either having them shipped to you or shipping your gifts someplace else.

Issues with the supply chain have not been a secret over the past several months which means if you plan to ship or receive something shipped, you’ll need t o start a littler earlier this year.

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Channel 2 Anchor Wendy Corona spoke with Assistant Marketing Professor Daniel McCarthy of Emory University about delivery date windows. McCarthy told her this year is going to be a little different.

“It’s going to unlikely that the product will arrive on time,” McCarthy said. “Those very wide windows gets the company off the hook.” He said this is within the company’s rights because the product is likely on one of multiple cargo ships sitting off the coast waiting for a berth at an already overwhelmed port.

McCarthy said it’s why shoppers are now looking at more of a sure thing.

“It’s uncertainty compounding uncertainty,” McCarthy said.


Robin Suggs, the general manager at Lenox Square said foot traffic has been increasing because consumers are looking to have their purchases in hand and on time for the holidays.

“Overall, based on the foot traffic and shopping bags we’re seeing, it looks like people are feeling comfortable and coming out,” Suggs said.

According to McCarthy, research is showing that roughly 65% of gift recipients this year would be perfectly happy to get a gift card.

“In fact, the more generic, the better because it means they have more ways that they can spend the money,” McCarthy said.

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Another gift buying option that has grown exponentially because of the pandemic is curbside pickup. McCarthy and others said that if you don’t like or aren’t comfortable with going into stores, you can make your purchase online and pick it up curbside.

One other option if you are in need of a gift. A subscription. There are multiple websites and businesses that offer them, they are electronic and don’t have to be delivered which means they won’t arrive late.