Viral videos of cool science experiment shows kids why it’s important to wash hands

ATLANTA — Parents are sharing viral videos showing a cool way to kids the importance of washing their hands.

In the video, a parent pours pepper into a dish filled with water and asks the child to swirl their finger around.

Naturally, the child pulls his or her finger out of the water and it's covered in pepper. Next, the parent asks the child to wash his or her hands.

In case you need to teach your little why washing hands stops the spread of germs 🦠 🧼 🖐🏻

Posted by Kelly Rose Sarno on Friday, March 13, 2020

When the parent asks the child to swirl their finger in the peppered water this time, miraculously, the pepper seems to flee, creating a "safe zone" around the child's finger.

According to Education.com, the trick seems to work because of surface tension of the water. Still, it’s an effective way to show how soap protects kids from germs!