VIDEO: GA baseball team has the time of their lives showing off their ‘Dirty Dancing’ moves

Savannah Bananas perform iconic "Dirty Dancing" routine during ball game.

SAVANNAH, Ga. — From home runs to foul balls, one thing that will never happen is putting the Savannah Bananas in a corner.

The team is known for its showmanship-type antics both off and on the field, and during a recent game against the Party Animals in Jacksonville, the team truly had “the time of their life,” stealing some moves from the late Patrick Swayze and the movie “Dirty Dancing.”

Needless to say, the video quickly went viral across social media.

The players even did the iconic Swayze-Jennifer Grey lift over the pitcher’s mound, sending the crowd into cheers across the stadium.

The whole team got involved to help make for a truly unforgettable night of baseball.

In their post to TikTok, the team asked, “Did we crush this, or did we crush this?”

They truly did.