Victim says man tried to sell him back his stolen car

ATLANTA — Atlanta police did a sting operation and snared a man they say stole a car and tried to sell it back to its owner.
Police told Channel 2's Tyisha Fernandes they chased the man from a midtown gas station parking lot and across Peachtree Street before catching up to him and arresting him.
The whole thing was caught on cellphone video.
The man had allegedly stolen the car in his possession and was trying to sell it back to the car owner for $150.
"We arranged the meeting. There was a bunch of APD here ready and they took him down," said victim Joel Larsgaard.
Larsgaard, a WSB-TV employee, said he left his keys in this electric car on Sunday night. It was parked on Woodland Avenue in East Atlanta and someone stole it.
"Police were out looking for the car and it didn't turn up that day, but I got a strange call that evening after midnight," Larsgaard told Fernandes.
He says it was Tony Le, 23, claiming to be a good Samaritan who somehow ended up with the stolen car.
"He wants a little money. He wants me to take (it off) him. That's the way he phrased it," Larsgaard said.
So Larsgaard told police about the call and arranged a meeting at an Exxon gas station on Peachtree Street.
"He had asked for money, so quick thinking, I told him I didn't have any money and I had to go to the ATM inside, created a little separation and that's when they pounced," Larsgaard said.
Police chased Le across the street and arrested him.
"I felt kind of torn because I don't know, the guy is in possession of the car but how do I know he stole it, I'm not sure," Larsgaard said.
Police are still trying to figure out Le's involvement.
In the meantime, he has charged with theft by receiving stolen property, a felony, and obstruction of police.