Vacant homes becoming latest targets for burglars

FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. — Criminals are going after a new target and police want you to be aware.

For-sale signs may be welcome signs for burglars.

Thieves are going after appliances in vacant homes listed for sale.

Channel 2's Carl Willis talked to a Fayette County man who drove up on burglars trying to steal from him.

At first glance, investigators say, the break-ins look like business as usual.

"People come and go because his house is for sale and he's looking for people to buy it," neighbor Jada Grant said.

Grant told Willis he was home during a burglary that was happening right next door Tuesday night.

Deputies say men in a dark SUV -- one of them with a bandaged leg and on crutches -- were preparing to load up appliances.


"I just thought it was odd because why be on crutches if you're robbing appliances from a house," Grant said.

Grant said even the homeowner thought nothing of it when he drove by and saw the men on his property.

"He called his agent because he thought his house was being sold, but it wasn't," Grant said.

He called 911 but the men got away. The homeowner found his appliances lined up at the door.

On Monday, Fayette County deputies said the thieves hit two vacant, new homes listed for sale in Brooks.

Thieves brought a moving truck and stole new appliances.

Four more vacant home burglaries were reported in Fayette County in April.

Deputies say cameras and alarms may help slow these crimes that could be happening right in front of you.

"They were able to get out of there very quickly," Grant said.