UGA Bulldogs, Kansas City Chiefs star helps cheer up fan facing serious medical challenges

ATLANTA — Former UGA bulldog and current Kansas City Chief star Mecole Hardman helped bring joy to a fan facing serious health issues.

Lindsay Dickerson says she had a theory about random acts of kindness.

“I feel like nowadays you just don’t see them anymore,” said Dickerson.

That was, until the University of Georgia grad had a chat with her FedEx driver.

It started with a request to drop her packages on the porch of her home outside Athens. Then the conversation got personal.

“He said, ‘Tell me what happened to you this year,’ and I just broke down and told him everything.”


Lindsay has suffered with serious health problems most of her life, and had more than two dozen surgeries.

She figures she has spent a total of two-and-a-half years in hospitals. Because she is homebound much of the time, she orders lots of medical supplies.

If it rains, the packages get wet if left in the driveway. So the FedEx driver, Mecole Hardman Sr., said he’d put them on the porch.

Then, he arranged a FaceFime call for Lindsay with his son, Mecole Hardman Jr.

“I called my wife and said, ‘You really touched me,’” said Hardman via FaceTime.

Mecole Jr. just happens to be one of the greatest wide receivers ever to come out of UGA. He now plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. He told Lindsay to keep up the good fight.

“I’m so proud of you, yes ma’am. That’s awesome!”

The two had a nice conversation. His dad then gave Lindsay an autographed photo of one of Mecole Sr.’s greatest plays, known in Athens as ‘The Leap’; two kind gentlemen, like father, like son.

“For him to take time out of prepping for the NFL playoffs blew my mind. I forgot to tell him good luck because I was so star-struck!” said Dickerson.