Tyler Perry to pay for funeral of Rayshard Brooks

ATLANTA — Media mogul Tyler Perry is stepping up to help the Atlanta community again, this time he is paying for the funeral of Rayshard Brooks.

In a news conference Monday, Brooks’ family and attorneys held a news conference talking about their loved one who was killed by Atlanta police.

One of the attorneys for the Brooks family, announced that Perry would be paying for the family’s funeral.

Brooks was shot and killed by Atlanta police officers who responded to a Wendy’s drive-thru where the father of 4 was sleeping in his car.

Perry is known for his charitable acts toward people in the community.

Perry paid for the groceries of senior citizens shopping during designated senior hours at 44 Kroger locations throughout Atlanta.

Just days prior, he left a $500 tip for each out-of-work server at Houston’s restaurant on Northside Parkway, totaling $21,000.