Three shootings in four months has south Atlanta neighbors worried

ATLANTA — Neighbors say crime near a local gas station is out of hand after there has been three shootings there in four months.

The Atlanta Police Department is investigating whether the shooting that injured a 6-month-old on New Town Circle was retaliation for the Chevron shooting earlier in the day last Sunday.

“It could happen to anybody! It's tough," said neighbor Jason Timbert.

Timbert and other neighbors are upset about violent crime, saying it's too dangerous to even drive by.

That’s unbelievable that you’re in the City of Atlanta in 2018 and it feels like it could be the Wild Wild West where you can just be sitting in your car and get shot," said an anonymous neighbor.

The Chevron is located on the corner of Lakewood Avenue and Jonesboro Road.


The latest shooting happened on July 15 when Atlanta police said there was a fight between two groups and someone shot a friend unintentionally.

“There was a CSI unit, about four police officers and with about 40 of the yellow cones making shell casings in the surrounding area of the parking lot," Timbert said.

Channel 2 Action News told you back in March that five people were shot in just two days.

Neighbors said children live across the street. They say they have reached out to everyone from local officials to federal officials for help but they say the area just gets worse.

“It’s disheartening. Especially when you keep communicating back to the same officials year over year over year, but the problem still persists," Timbert said.

Since last July, police counted 300 patrols and 400 drop-ins at the gas station.

Investigators admit they’re looking for better ways to prevent crime in the area.