Surveillance video catches seasonal UPS worker stealing package

ATLANTA — David Altman said he was thrilled when he got a notification on his phone that his package had been delivered but when he went outside to grab the box, it wasn’t there.

"I'm lucky I have a camera so we can catch them in the act and see what's happening," Altman said. "I ran back to my security camera to see what happened to my package, and I saw the truck pull up, the driver walk up. I played it back again, and saw him stick (the package) in his pants (and) then turn around and walk away," Altman said.

It happened Friday evening after his home surveillance system captured a UPS truck pulling up outside his Inman Park home.


Seconds later, cameras caught a man the company said it had hired as a seasonal worker to help with the holiday rush. The video shows the worker pretending to deliver the package before shoving it down his pants and casually walking away.

"It’s unbelievable," Altman said.

He said he immediately called UPS and sent the company the video.

"I called them up 20 minutes after it happened, explained, and she didn’t take me seriously and said someone would call me back and no one did.

Altman called Channel 2 Action News and we called UPS.

A company spokesperson told us the recently hired employee was the driver’s helper that day and was fired and arrested on Monday morning when he arrived at work in South Fulton County.

They also released this statement reading in part:

"UPS investigated the situation, recovered the package, and continues to work with law enforcement on the situation."

The only problem is that Atlanta Police told Channel 2 Action News they had no knowledge of the case.

“There just seems like there was a lapse in communication there,” Altman said.

Altman said the company returned the stolen box containing the Apple AirPods he has purchased for his girlfriend for Hanukkah.