South Fulton County

Well-respected metro police chief said mayor’s accusation of wrongdoing were ‘deeply hurtful’

SOUTH FULTON, Ga. — A well-respected metro police chief says it hurt him when the mayor claimed he was corrupt.

City of South Fulton Police Chief Keith Meadows wanted to set the record straight about an investigation into an officer of accused of wrongdoing.

Meadows said his department handled everything aboveboard and no one swept anything under the rug as the mayor suggested.

Channel 2′s Tom Jones asked Meadows how it felt to have the mayor question his character.

“You know, it was deeply hurtful,” Meadows said.

This is what the Mayor Khalid Kamau said Monday that left Meadows hurt.

“As Mayor, the buck stops with me. And the end of this culture of corruption will also stop with me,” Kamau said.

The mayor claimed Meadows, his department and others on the City Council were impeding an investigation and trying to cover up the actions of an officer accused of wrongdoing.


The officer is alleged to have mishandled drug forfeiture funds and also was involved in a relationship with a subordinate.

Meadows said the Office of Professional Standards and an outside agency investigated the officer.

“The recommendation was termination, but she resigned in lieu of termination,” Meadows said.

Meadows said no one hid that.

The mayor also said Meadows didn’t report the incident to Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council, the agency that certifies officers in the state.

Meadows said that’s just not true.

“On her P.O.S.T records, it’s listed as resignation in lieu of termination,” Meadows explained.

Meadows’ attorney Antavius Weems said the mayor was wrong for questioning the integrity of such a well-respected police chief.

Weems said the mayor is known for making statements that turn out not to be true.

“What we’ve learned is Mayor Kamau, from my opinion, is the little boy who cries wolf far too much,” Weems said.

Weems said Meadows has been an officer for 36 years with no hint of wrongdoing.