South Fulton County

Man shot, killed by coworker identified as 25-year-old expectant father

SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Family members have identified a man killed in a workplace shooting in South Fulton County.

The shooting happened Tuesday morning at Flexible Industrial Solutions on Fulton Industrial Boulevard.

Police said an employee came to work, said, “Good morning” to co-workers in the front of the building, then went back to the warehouse and opened fire.

Family members said Andre Slocum Jr., 25, was killed. They said he was just married a few months ago and was expecting his second child.

“They say he just came into work, said, 'good morning' and bypassed everyone and went to the back where my brother was and just shot him, so he was aiming for my brother,” said Ariel Logino, the victim’s sister.

Logino said the gunman shot her brother six times. She said the shooter had been a threat not only to her brother, but also others at the warehouse.

“He had been harassing my brother, and everyone on the job was having a problem with this guy for the longest time,” she said.


The gunman was killed in a single car crash after the shooting, Alabama State Police said.

Investigators have not released much information about the shooter.

“I don’t think that is fair. They need to tell us something,” the victim’s grandmother said.

Family members said Slocum was a loving husband and father. They said he was a semi-pro football player who dreamed of one day becoming an Atlanta Falcon.

“He was just a model grandson, a model grandson. Everyone loves my grandson. Everyone loved that baby,” Dorothy White said. “He tried to help everybody. I don’t know why someone would deliberately take his life."