South Fulton County

South Fulton community concerned after rash of robberies, home invasions

SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Neighbors in a local subdivision contacted Channel 2 Action News after what they called a skyrocketing number of home invasions. One woman says her bedridden husband was home when thieves ransacked their house.

"It has to be the lowest scum there is. If you walk into my house, wheelchairs ramp that comes into my house," the woman said.

The woman does not wish to be identified. She says her home was broken into while her bedridden husband was at home.

"Coming in, looking in on him. He was watching TV. They left out of the room, went back to the other rooms in the house, did what they had to do, I was gone for 35 minutes; they did all of that in 35 minutes," the woman said.

She told Channel 2's Liz Artz the thieves left with TVs, clothing and priceless jewelry, while her husband laid helpless in the next room.

Artz talked to another resident who says he came face to face with an intruder Tuesday night.

Henry Freedman said his home’s alarm went off, which woke him up, but it didn't deter the intruder at all.

He said it happened at the Creekside subdivision, and he and his neighbors said it's happening way too often.

Freeman told Artz his house was the latest in a string of burglaries on his street. He said the criminals unscrewed the outside light, popped the back screen door and kicked in the wood door. The house was clearly marked with an alarm system sign, and the system alerted police.


Freeman said even though he towered over the intruder, it was still frightening.

"Try to wake up out of a dead sleep to somebody you don't even know face to face,” Freeman said.

He said while police were at his house writing a report, another call came out in the same neighborhood, to which they had to respond.