South Fulton County

South Fulton police partnering with IBM to use artificial intelligence

SOUTH FULTON, Ga. — The city of South Fulton is going high-tech to fight crime. Police just announced a new partnership with IBM to use artificial intelligence and other new technology.

“And I knew that gave us an opportunity to build something unique, something innovative,” South Fulton Police Chief Keith Meadows said.

The police chief said it starts with compiling and analyzing data and using those crime stats in real-time for targeted enforcement, like creating an interactive map pinpointing repeat locations and offenders.

On the investigative end, it will have a starting point once a crime occurs. Police say overall it will be more efficient.

“...It gives us the opportunity to immediately deploy police resources to accommodate emerging crime patterns and trends,” Meadows said.

South Fulton is currently building out its real-time crime center using a video integration system that will use IBM’s generative AI technology.


In the future, the computer can scan parking lots and spot suspicious activity like someone checking door handles or ducking behind cars.

“That’s our largest crime, larceny from vehicles. If we’re able to pipe that information into our video integration center, then able to send alerts to our police officers out on the street,” Meadows said.

Without giving away all their secrets, South Fulton police want the bad guys to know technology will catch them.

“We want to make sure that when criminals come into our city, they’re thinking twice about perpetrating crimes.”

Meadows didn’t have a total cost that the city plans to spend. He says they’re starting small and will ramp up over time. In the end, he thinks the department will be able to save man-hours and money with this new technology and partnership

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