12 parks, campgrounds around Lake Lanier to close for annual deer hunt to help with overpopulation

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is gearing up for 2022 Buford Dam Deer Hunt near Lake Lanier this week. Several parks and campgrounds in the area will be closed starting Monday.

The hunt has been an annual event since 2010 and will be held this year from Tuesday until Thursday. The corps says 12 public access areas will be closed for public safety.

The list includes: Laurel Ridge Trail, Sawnee Campground,, West Bank Park, Lower Pool West Park, Lower Overlook Park, Lower Pool East Park, Buford Dam Park, East Bank Park, Lanier Park, Burton Mill Park, Van Pugh South Campground and Chestnut Ridge Campground.


The areas will reopen sometime Friday.

The corps said the event is archery-only for public safety and the health of the deer population.

“Deer–car collisions along Buford Dam Road are a public safety hazard that this hunt could lessen. In addition, food resources naturally decline during the winter months, causing stress to the deer population. By reducing the number of deer, the food resources in the Buford Dam area will better meet the deer population’s needs,” the corps wrote.

Only a limited number of hunters can participate and are selected by a drawn lottery. All hunters must have a Corps permit and attend a safety meeting. The hunters who participate take the deer meat home with them.