Naked thief caught breaking into Ga. homes for 2nd weekend straight

METTER, Ga. — Police in a Southeast Georgia city said they are searching for a man wanted in a crime streak like nothing they’ve ever seen before.

The suspect is hard to miss because he’s naked.

WTOC-TV said for the second weekend straight, the naked man has broken into homes around Metter, with only a cloth covering his face.

Several neighbors caught the streaking thief on their home security cameras and shared it with the TV station.

Metter Police Chief Robert Shore said the break-ins actually involved very little breaking.


“He’s found things that allowed him access to the house. He’s looking for windows, looking for keys, looking for open doors,” Shore said.

The chief told WTOC that the thief is actually stealing very little from the homes, if anything.

Either way, he is urging people across the city to lock their doors at night and keep any spare keys inside.

“It’s hard to know if you’re dealing with mental illness, are you dealing with some kind of substance abuse,” Shore told the TV station.

He urged anyone with information on who the man might be to call police.