Secret service launches 6 state investigation into ATM skimmers

BARROW COUNTY, Ga. — The U.S. Secret Service has launched a six state investigation into card skimmers placed on automatic teller machines. 
Local authorities say Georgia is involved in the probe. 
"Just back at Thanksgiving, I had it. And they used it like 20-something times at a 'Monster Energy' dispenser," said ATM user Marvin Fore.
Thieves used a skimmer to hijack Fore's card information and go on a spending spree. 
The Barrow County Sheriff says complaints were received about a skimmer on a Suntrust ATM in Bethlehem.
"It's very concerning, because you're dealing with your money. You're dealing with these machines and I worry all the time. I won't ever put cash in one," ATM user Gary Presti said.
A spokesman at Suntrust Bank headquarters in Atlanta told Channel 2's Berndt Petersen their security teams are working with law enforcement but couldn't go into specifics about an active investigation. 
The company says if a skimmer is detected, they reach out to all customers who may be affected, reissue new ATM cards and reimburse for fraudulent transactions. 
The company also stresses this is an industry issue, not unique to their company.
"When it comes to the security stuff, when it comes to the fraud part, they're right on it. If they know something's wrong they'll contact you," Marvin Fore told Petersen. 
The drive through ATM in Bethlehem is where Allen Watkins believes he lost a big chunk of money. 
"I mean, this is $500. We just can't go without it. Luckily it's not causing my account to overdraw or anything," Watkins said. 
Watkins said when he posted the incident on Facebook, a friend called to say the same thing happened to him, he believes at the same ATM.   
"He didn't tell me a dollar figure, but he said they drained his account out. From Las Vegas," Watkins said. 
The Secret Service will not say which states, which banks or which ATMs are involved in the investigation.