Secoriea Turner: Suspect’s attorney steps down from case due to ‘conflict of interest’

ATLANTA — There has been a reset in the case of the man accused in connection with the shooting death of 8-year-old Secoriea Turner.

A judge rescheduled the suspect’s preliminary hearing because he doesn’t have an attorney anymore.

Channel 2′s Audrey Washington was the only reporter in the courtroom Tuesday when the public defender told the judge he could no longer represent Julian Conley because of a conflict of interest.

Conley is accused of firing the shot that killed Secoriea on July 4 last year. She was riding in a car with her mother in southwest Atlanta when she was hit by a bullet.

“It’s coming up on the 1 year anniversary,” Secoriea’s aunt April Turner said.


Conley’s private attorney told the judge he had withdrawn from the case a while ago. On Tuesday, Conley’s public offender told the judge he is now off the case too.

“For this case, it appears he is without an attorney. However he has another aggravated assault charge,” said attorney Maluwi Davis, who represents the Turner family. “Within minutes before Secoriea was shot there was another car that came through that was assaulted with weapons.”

Davis said it appears Conley has an attorney for that separate case.

As for the preliminary hearing regarding Turner’s death, that has been rescheduled for July 13.

Turner’s family told Washington that they will be back in court on that day and every day following.

“We have to look him in his face and see him and get answers to why did you do that? Why were you out there on that day doing this?” April Turner said.

The public defender did not reveal what the conflict of interest was, but Conley must now retain new legal representation for his next hearing.