• Student bitten in face by dogs at Carver High School


    ATLANTA - A student is undergoing reconstructive surgery after two dogs attacked him on Carver High School’s campus Monday afternoon.

    Channel 2’s Tom Jones talked to the teen's parents, who say he is in serious pain.

    Azarius Lowe’s father said his son is in so much pain that he had to be sedated at Grady Hospital.

    The sophomore's parents wants to know how something like this could happen on campus. But their immediate concern is making sure he's OK.

    “He's in pain. He's cut up. He's bit, he's bruised,” said Lowe’s father, Arthur Steverson.

    Steverson said the two dogs who attacked his 16-year-old son on the baseball field at Carver High School really sunk their teeth into him, causing severe injuries.

    “His eye. Bottom line, his face. His ears, they got to do reconstructive surgery. They’re getting ready to stitch him up,” Steverson said.

    According to Fulton County Animal Control, two rottweilers attacked the student. A representative with Atlanta Public Schools initially told Channel 2 Action News that pit bulls were involved in the attack.

    “It’s just his face is pretty messed up, and his ear is split,” said Lowe’s mother, Adrian Lowe.

    Azarius’ parents are also trying to figure out why then teen was at the baseball field.

    “See, that's what we don't know. He said he normally goes outside for lunch. He doesn't go in the cafeteria. He goes outside for lunch when he was on the baseball field,” Adrian Lowe said.

    The boy's parents wonder: How did the dogs get on campus?

    “I expect them to look after my child. I don't see how there's pit bulls or any stray people walking on the campus or anything like that,” Steverson said.

    Steverson said his son will need at least two surgeries to repair the damage caused by the dogs. Jones also learned that animal control will be talking to Azarius Lowe about the attack.

    Animal Control is now urging residents in the area of 55 McDonough Boulevard to be on the lookout for the dogs. They were last seen to be headed towards Pryor Street and the Villages at Carver YMCA area.

    “At this time, the dogs have not been captured and our Animal Control Officers will be setting traps in order to capture the animals," said Lara Hudson, Executive Director for Fulton County Animal Services. “We are also patrolling the area and are asking citizens to be cautious and under no circumstances approach these animals if they encounter them.”

    The school and nearby Slater Elementary School were placed on lockdown after the attack, but it has since been lifted.

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