Report: DeKalb commissioner involved in domestic incident with boyfriend

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Channel 2 Action News has learned that police had to sort out a nasty dispute between a controversial DeKalb County commissioner and her boyfriend this week.
A lawyer for Commissioner Sharon Barnes Sutton told Channel 2 investigative reporter Richard Belcher that Sutton is taking medical leave because of the incident.
Sutton is well known for having financial problems, many of which Channel 2 Action News has investigated.
But this week Sutton got into a fight with her long-time boyfriend and campaign manager, Warren Mosby, followed by finger-pointing by each side.
Police came to the home, but neither was charged.
After Belcher obtained the police reports Friday, he visited Mosby's home where the incident took place.
Both Sutton and Mosby say that she came to his home Tuesday morning and saw a car belonging to another woman at the home.
After that, the stories in the police reports diverge sharply.
Police list Sutton as the complainant in a report in which the charge is simple battery and simple assault.
Police list Mosby as the victim and Sutton as the offender in a report in which the charges are listed as criminal trespass and simple battery.
In her version, the commissioner said she and Mosby had an argument about Mosby's meeting with the other woman.
According to Sutton, she tried to enter the home but Mosby threw her down and at one point put his knee to her chest.
But she made no mention of that in a six and a half minute call to 911.
"Okay, tell me exactly what happened," the 911 operator said.
"I fell on the ground and I can't breathe," Sutton replied.
Later, a similar statement -- also without details.
"I fell and hurt myself," Sutton said.
But according to Mosby's version, Sutton tried to force her way into his home and became aggressive, hitting him in the chest with her fist.
Neither the commissioner nor Mosby was arrested.
We know from one of the reports that the police domestic violence unit responded, and a police major, a captain and a lieutenant came to Mosby's home.
The reports contain no reference to the fact that Sutton is an elected official who chairs DeKalb County's budget and finance committee.
Both parties claimed minor injuries, but neither was treated.
Police warned Sutton that she could be charged with criminal trespass if she comes back on Mosby's property.

In a statement to Channel 2 Action News attorneys for Sutton said, “On Tuesday, January 12, 2014, Commissioner Sutton was involved in an incident where she suffered physical and emotional injuries including a broken bone.

"Under the advice of her doctors, she is taking a medical leave from the DeKalb County Commission.  She hopes to return to work in one week, or shortly thereafter, with the advice and consent of her doctors.

"She thanks everyone for their prayers and support during this time."