Relatives of sisters killed in I-85 crash speak

Relatives of sisters killed in I-85 crash speak

COWETA COUNTY, Ga. — Relatives of the two sisters and a child who died in an I-85 crash on Friday in Coweta County are speaking for the first time since the accident. They say the family was on their way to visit a relative injured in another accident when they crashed.

Kayla Wilson, 33 and her daughter Denyla Biggers, 6, were thrown from the car onto the northbound lanes of I-85.

It was raining at around 8 p.m. when, Kayla Wilson's family says, she looked back to check on one of her children and lost control of the vehicle.

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Wilson's sister Nikia also died when the car hit the concrete median in Coweta County. Four other children were in the car when it crashed. They survived the crash and are being treated at Egleston Hospital.

One of the injured children will need facial reconstructive surgery.

The family of seven was on its way to visit Kayla's cousin in Tocoa, who was on life support from a crash that happened a couple weeks before Friday's fatal crash.

Debra Pittman has shed many tears since finding out her foster daughter's family was part of a horrific crash that killed three on Friday.

"I couldn't believe my baby was gone," Pittman said. "It was like a part of my heart was ripped away from me."

Pittman says the two sisters were inseparable.

"Very lovable people. I mean everybody loved these two," Pittman said.

Kayla and Nikia's brother never got to say goodbye, but did have a chance to tell his sisters he loved them hours before the crash.

The family started a GoFundMe page to help raise funds for funeral services for all three victims.