Rapper Lil Yachty crashes his Ferrari on Downtown Connector

ATLANTA — Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty was not seriously hurt after his Ferrari crashed on the Downtown Connector Monday afternoon.

According to the crash report, the rapper, whose name is Miles McCollum, was driving on Interstate 75/85 north near University Avenue when he lost control on the wet road.

Lil Yachty’s 2020 red Ferrari 488 hit the left median concrete wall, then spun across 7 lanes of travel before hitting the right concrete wall. The car came to a stop between the right emergency lane and the seventh lane facing west.

The 22-year-old rapper told officers he didn’t remember anything after losing control.

Witnesses said Lil Yachty was driving at a “high rate of speed” before crashing.

According to Ferrari.com, the car was worth at least $330,000.

The crash caused delays on the interstate.