Poll: Ossoff leads Democrats trying to unseat Sen. David Perdue

ATLANTA — Just one week before Georgia’s delayed primary, one Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate is the clear front runner, according to an exclusive Channel 2 Action News poll conducted by Landmark Communications.

The poll shows Jon Ossoff leads in the Democratic primary for Senate, a seat currently held by Republican David Perdue. Perdue is running unopposed in his primary.

Ossoff has 42 percent in the poll of 400 likely Democratic voters in Georgia. He’s followed by former Columbus mayor Teresa Pike Tomlinson who has 14 percent and former candidate for lieutenant governor Sarah Riggs Amico who has 9 percent of the vote.

The poll has a margin of error of 4.4 percent. About 28 percent remain undecided. Support for the other four candidates in the race totals just 7 percent.

Jon Ossoff41.9%
Teresa Pike Tomlinson14.0%
Sarah Riggs Amico8.9%
Another candidate7.2%

Ossoff will need 50 percent plus one vote to avoid a runoff election with the runner-up candidate. A huge advertising buy by Tomlinson could allow her to slip into a runoff as the second place candidate.

Mark Rountree, president of Landmark Communications, tells Channel 2 Action News that Ossoff leads in every demographic category including large leads among women and voters over age 65.

The Georgia primary, which includes the twice-delayed presidential preference primary is Tuesday, June 9. A runoff election would take place on August 11.