Police: Woman arrested on meth charge says she was eating Spaghetti O's

GAINESVILLE, Ga. — A dirty spoon led to the arrest of a Braselton woman on a charge of possession of methamphetamine. The incident happened in July in Gainesville.

Police said they pulled over a Ford Explorer near the intersection of Green and Candler streets.

Investigators said there were four passengers in the car and the driver seemed nervous as the officer questioned her.

One of the officers asked the passengers for their names and identification, including the woman in the back seat, who identified herself as Ashley Huff, who said she did not have an ID on her. The officers said she seemed nervous as well.

The officers said they asked the driver to get out of the car and she had a hard time telling them where the group was headed. They asked the driver if anyone had drugs in the car and the driver said she didn’t, but didn’t know if any of the passengers did.

The officers said they asked if he could search the vehicle and everyone said yes. During the search, the officers came across a pink bag with the name Ashley painted on it. One of the officers asked Huff if the bag was hers and if they could search it. Huff told them it wasn’t hers.

One of the officers pulled out a black plastic bag that had a metal spoon inside with a crystal-like substance on it.

The officer asked Huff is she knew what was on the spoon, and Huff told the officer she didn’t know, but had used the spoon to eat Spaghetti O’s.

“I found it strange that she would eat Spaghetti O’s with a metal spoon while riding in a vehicle, and then put the spoon back in a bag,” the officer said in a police report.

The officers said they then found a glass smoking device inside the bag as well.

The officers tested the substance on the spoon which they said tested positive for methamphetamine.

Huff was arrested and take to the Hall County Jail.