People from all over region flock to Georgia auction house to own a piece of Murdaugh estate

PEMBROKE, Ga. — Just three weeks after a prominent South Carolina attorney who killed his wife and son was sentenced to two life terms in prison, his family’s belongings went up on the auction block.

Liberty Auction House in Pembroke, Georgia, auctioned off several items Thursday that once belonged to the Murdaugh family.

Alex Murdaugh is currently fighting his guilty verdict in the deaths of his wife Maggie, 52, and son Paul, 22.

Investigators said Paul was shot twice with a shotgun near kennels outside the family’s Colleton County hunting lodge. Maggie was shot four or five times with a rifle close by. Both victims were shot in the head after they were gravely wounded, authorities said.

On Thursday, people from all over the region went to Pembroke to try and get a piece of the Murdaugh family’s estate.

“I am actually in Charleston with my husband on business,” Hope Szczyglinski told WJCL-TV. “I had the day off and thought I’d make the drive. It’s a beautiful day out.”

The items that were listed for auction all came from Alex Murdaugh’s Moselle property where Maggie and Paul were killed.


Some of the clothing items that were up for grabs still had the names of family members on them.

“It’s sad because I see this family’s life,” Szczyglinski said. “Everything has been emptied from this home. Maggie the mother is dead, Paul the youngest son is dead and here you have a snapshot of their lives.”

Other items included leather furniture, lamps, dishes, and more.

Many of those who showed up for the auction were hoping to walk away with something to remind them of the double murder trial and Alex Murdaugh’s guilty conviction.

“Seeing the justice system work especially for a prominent white man seeing consequences for his actions that’s rare and I think that’s important to have a memory of because it rarely happens,” Lorelei Peterson told WJCL-TV.

Defense attorneys said they will appeal the conviction, based largely on the judge allowing the evidence of crimes that Murdaugh has not been convicted of, which they say smeared his reputation.

“They had cast Alex as a despicable human being. And that was the reason they offered it,” defense attorney Jim Griffin said.

Murdaugh is expected to be moved to a maximum security state prison soon like all new inmates serving life sentences.

Information from WJCL-TV and The Associated Press was used in this story.