Paulding County

Student accused of spying on girls through restroom ceiling

A Hiram High School student is accused of spying on girls in several school restrooms. 
The 15-year-old allegedly crawls into the ceiling, makes peepholes and watches the girls from above. 
He was caught Thursday when a student spotted him coming out of the ceiling. 
Authorities aren’t sure how long the student may have been spying.
“It’s disturbing. We definitely feel for the girls that had to deal with this,” said Paulding County Sgt. Ashley Henson.


Investigators said it’s unclear how many girls were spied on, but Channel 2’s Justin Wilfon talked with students who fear he watched them.
“I was in the same hall where it happened. I was in the same bathroom, but I don’t know if it happened before or after,” student Bethany Furman said.
The boy has been detained at a youth detention facility and faces two Peeping Tom charges. 
Investigators are looking into whether the student took any pictures while in the ceiling. If so, he could face a longer list of charges.
“I wouldn’t want to have a daughter up here and somebody’s peeping down on her or whatever. That’s crazy,” parent Marcus Grissom said.
The school sent a note home to parents informing them of the incident.
School officials would not say what disciplinary actions the student could face.