Part of ceiling at Atlanta airport restaurant collapses, 2 people injured

Part of ceiling at Atlanta airport restaurant collapses, 2 people injured

ATLANTA — Travelers had a terrifying experience this morning after part of a ceiling collapsed at a restaurant at the Atlanta airport.

The accident happened around 8 a.m. at Cat Cora’s Kitchen, which is located at Terminal A at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Two people were injured,

Viewer sent pictures of the accident to Channel 2 Action News, which showed a section of the ceiling on of top tables, with several travelers and emergency crews there.

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The Atlanta airport said emergency crews “responded and assessed at least one customer who requested emergency assistance.” Another person was taken to the hospital.

Channel 2’s Steve Gehlbach learned the ceiling was a “floating ceiling,” and airport officials said it should’ve been attached much more securely to a structure that could hold its weight. It weighs 700 to 800 pounds.

“Kinda like a horizontal wall, so series of layers of sheet rock and metal studs. In this case instead of hung form a ceiling grid like above us, has to be attached to the rigid roof deck because that is designed to hold that weight, it was not attached to the roof deck based on what we’ve seen thus far,” said Assistant General Manager for Planning and Developing Tin Nissalke.

The airport said it was not weather related.

The concession manager said the restaurant opened in 2016.

The restaurant is closed and repairs are being made.