Not just seeds: Georgians receiving other mysterious packages from China

Channel 2 Action News told you about those mysterious seeds people are getting in the mail from China. Now, we’re hearing from people who have received other suspicious items they didn’t order.

Until the government can fully figure out what is going on, officials said it’s best not to use the items.

Kelley Litty told Channel 2′s Tom Jones she received a package labeled as masks last month. She’s baffled as to why she got them.

“It says China on the label for masks. 1000 % sure I did not order any mask,” Litty said. “It’s a complete surprise. And it doesn’t make sense.

It doesn’t make sense for people around the country who got packages of seeds unsolicited in the mail from China. Agriculture officials in more than two dozen states have urged people not to plant them.

Litty said she hasn’t even thought about wearing the masks sent to her.

“You just never know. These days you just never know,” she said.


Jones learned it’s not just seeds and mysterious masks. Faith Tankersley received a pair of fake Rayban sunglasses in the mail last week. She didn’t order them and neither did anyone in her home.

“I don’t think people are sending this in good will in my opinion,” Tankersley said. “I’m just afraid that there may be something harmful to them.”

Tankersley told Jones her friend got a blue circus type whistle in the mail from China. Again, an item that no one ordered. Her family feared the whistle wasn’t safe.

“And her daughters were just going crazy like mama don’t put that near your mouth. Mama don’t touch it,” Tankersley said.

The U.S. Agriculture Department said it could be a brushing scam where someone sends items unsolicited and the seller then posts false customer reviews to boost sales.