North Fulton County

Surveillance video catches bear wandering down homeowner’s driveway in Sandy Springs

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. — Some Sandy Springs neighbors are frightened after they encountered a black bear in their subdivision.

It’s the second bear sighting in the area since last week.

Tequilla Hill-Allen’s surveillance camera was rolling Monday when a bear came into her yard.

“It was a normal, mundane Monday. I was doing my work and working from home and all of a sudden I saw this mammal-esque thing dart through to the back.”

Hill-Allen told Channel 2′s Mike Petchenik that the bear stopped on her driveway with construction workers just inches away.


“He wasn’t afraid of humans, just walking around people,” Hill-Allen said.

“It’s really real here. We are in the country even though it’s Sandy Springs,” Chad Artimovich, who runs Atlanta Wildlife Solutions, said. “It’s my opinion that the bears are coming down here because of a lack of suitable habitat with all the subdivisions being built.”

Artimovich said the bears are foraging for food in target-rich environments like Sandy Springs because homeowners make it easy for them.

“They can easily get a meal from the garbage, people’s gardens, bird feeders,” Artimovich said.

Hill-Allen said she can’t bear the thought of it coming back.

“Put your trash away and be vigilant for bears, y’all,” Hill-Allen said.

Artimovich said if you encounter a bear, do not approach it.

He said you should also immediately call the Department of Natural Resources.