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Milton high school student athlete sets new record for most varsity letters

MILTON, Ga. — Haydn Bendall has quite the collection of letters — varsity letters.

“I didn’t really decide on a sport I liked more than the others. So, being at a school that offered the chance to play all kinds, I kind of fell into wanting to play all of them,” Haydn said.

They include letters for track, basketball, softball and flag football at Milton High School.

Her love of sports started around the age of 4.

“Anybody who is the youngest child, if your sisters are already playing sports, then you get dragged along to the ballpark,” Haydn’s father Jamie said.

The ball field is where she felt right at home. By the 9th grade, the “season” was year-round.


“She would go the next day. Softball would end and she would be at basketball practice. Basketball would end and she’d be going to track,” Haydn’s mom Kelly said.

She did all of this while keeping an A average in the classroom.

Now, she’s about to graduate with honors, and set the record for earning the most varsity letters at Milton High School — ever — with 13.

She has some advice for those who might want to follow in her footsteps.

“Work hard, but really take in the time you have with the people you’re playing with. Because as much fun as it is to play the sport, there is a lot of fun being on a team with the people at Milton,” Haydn said.

Haydn is going on to Georgia College where she will study sports journalism.