New 911 call made by accused killer released in the Ahmaud Arbery case

New 911 call made by accused killer released in the Ahmaud Arbery case

GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. — New evidence in the Ahmaud Arbery case has surfaced overnight. We’re now hearing a 911 call made by one of the accused killers made just days before the deadly shooting.

The McMichael’s defense all along has been there was a series of trespassing and burglaries in their neighborhood dating back months, and they thought Arbery was the suspect.

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The 911 call, obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was made by Travis McMichael, now charged with murder.

“When I turned around, he took off running into the house,” McMichael said.

The call was made days earlier and the suspect ran away. McMichael is heard on the 911 call warning police of a possible weapon.

“When I turned around and backed up, he reached into his pocket and ran into the house, so I don't know if he's armed or not, but he was acting liked he was,” McMichael said.


Days later, neighbors spotted Arbery in the construction site. He too ran off, but this time McMichael and his dad tried to stop him. Arbery was shot and killed. A third neighbor videotaped the incident and is now trying to make sure he's also not charged.

“This is a complicated matter. There are multiple law enforcement agencies involved. I don't know all that's going on,” said attorney Kevin Gough.

Gough has been negotiating with prosecutors and said he hopes to announce some sort of understanding later Thursday.

Attorney for Glynn County DA responds to criticism

The Glynn County District Attorney is under fire for her initial handling of this case is fighting back.

“Was she protecting Greg McMichael? Oh, absolutely not, she was doing her job,” said attorney for Glynn County DA Jackie Johnson.

Johnson said she can't talk publicly because of ongoing investigations into how she handled the Arbery case, but she's letting her attorney, Jim Stein, come out swinging.

“She did everything right,” Stein said.

Greg McMichael, accused with his son of killing of the unarmed jogger, is a former chief investigator in the district attorney’s office.

Johnson recused herself but critics believe she steered the investigation to allegedly try and protect her former employee. Weeks later, when the Georgia Bureau of Investigation became involved, the McMichaels were quickly arrested.

As Arbery’s family pushes ahead, they are receiving support from all over, including the Atlanta City Council, which declared Ahmaud’s birthday May 8 as Ahmaud Arbery Day.

City of Atlanta declares Ahmuad Arbery day