Multiple guns, dog seized during police bust at home

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — Drugs, guns and a stolen award-winning show dog are what police found Thursday afternoon in a major bust in Clayton County.

Investigators told Channel 2’s Alyssa Hyman that it all started with months of investigation into criminal activity in the city of South Fulton.

Police served search warrants at two locations Thursday.

Hyman was there as Crayola, an American bully, was reunited with a family friend at the South Fulton Police Department.

The award-winning show dog was stolen in a slider crime at a Conyers gas station last month. The Florida family's French bulldog was also taken.

“It’s scary. All those thoughts go through your head. Could she be hurt? Is she still alive?” said Thomas Hall, a friend of the family who owns Crayola.


The family was able to buy back the Frenchie a few days later via Cash App.

It wasn’t until Thursday that police rescued Crayola during a major drug and gun bust at a Clayton County home.

“The investigation has been going on for several months. We received tips from the community in reference to the gang and narcotics activity in the South Fulton area,” said Sgt. Jubal Rogers with the city of South Fulton Police Department.

That investigation led police to a home and an apartment in College Park.

They executed warrants and discovered more than 20 guns, illegal drugs, cash, a stolen car and Crayola.

Police told Hyman they have five or six suspects in custody.

“The investigation is ongoing. We believe that the persons that are in custody have been involved in crimes that have occurred in the city of South Fulton as the investigation continued. We identified these residents in Clayton County and also the apartment complex in College Park,” Rogers said.

Meanwhile, Crayola's 12-year-old owner is excited to be reunited with her pet.

“I heard when they showed her the picture, she’s like: ‘That's her! That's her!’” Hall said.

A family friend took Crayola home until the family can make their way back to Atlanta from Jacksonville to pick her up. They plan on doing that Sunday.